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Friday, January 18, 2013

Danny Pettry's NEW project.

I’m creating a card game.

I teach social skills to children and thought a card game would be great. Participating in the card game would require children/ young teens to be patient for their turn, to use fairness, to follow game rules, to have good sportsmanship.

The game is called “Popularity.” Players must get the most popularity points in the game. Each card is worth positive popularity points or negative popularity points. Positive cards have traits like: humble, considerate, and assertive. Negative cards have traits like: selfish, arrogant, and rude.

There are also random question cards that prompt players to answer questions about social concepts.

There are five “Day Cards” that are not wroth points. Players discard them in a separate stack. These cards must be played in order. A Monday card must be played before a person can play a Tuesday card. Once the Friday card is played then all players must reveal their hand. The players with the most popularity points wins the game! Fun concept, right?

Watch the video here:

Check it out here:

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