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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Elite by Kiera Cass (novel) book review.

  • Title: The Elite (a novel) Part 2 in the Selection series By: Kiera Cass
  • Year: 2013. Haper Teen (hardcover)

Where I discovered this book:

I pre-ordered this book. I had previously ordered the Selection after hearing positive reviews about it last fall. The Elite arrived at my doorstep the day it was released. I realized that I needed to read The Selection, which I was able to read in two days. I read this book as soon as I put down the Selection and I loved them both.

What I liked About This Book:

As always, I love dystopian novels. This story takes place in a future North America country. The United States no longer exists after World War IV.

Most of this book review below consists of things covered in the first book. I didn’t want to give away any spoilers in this review.

Brief Synopsis of the book:

The real story consists of young America Singer who had won the Selection for a chance to marry Prince Maxon. Each of the 35 providences in this North American kingdom had a young woman selected to go to the castle and date Prince Maxon so he could select one to marry. The Elite consists of the women who are in the final state of the selection.

However, there is a major twist in the first book. America’s ex-boyfriend Aspen who had broken up with her arrives at the castle. He had been drafted to be in the army. He could have been sent anywhere in the world, but he ended up being stationed as a guard for the palace, which is often attacked by dangerous southerners and prankster northern. The country has a caste system. People with a lower number like the ones and twos are better off than the lower castes like an eight. America had been a five prior to being re-ranked as a 3 once she was selected. Maxon had been a six prior to being drafted.

Readers would think that the Selection consisted of Maxon and the Elite women. However, Maxon would close the deal and marry America if she’d only agree to say yes. Maxon is not forcing her to marry him. He wants her love to be authentic and he is giving her time.

The real selection is for America to decide. Does she go with her first love Aspen who she had planned a life with or does she decide to go with Prince Maxon and have a completely different life. America is torn. She needs to know if Prince Maxon is a “good guy.”

Things happen in the Elite book that causes her to question Maxon’s real character.

My Personal Selection:

I’ve indulged myself in these two books. I read them back to back very quickly. I know I am very excited for the next book in the series. Now, I need to pick a new book to read. I imagine I’ll read a non-fiction book or two next. I have a few in mind.

Who’d Like to Read This Book:

People who love young adult, teen fiction, dystopian novels, and love stories would enjoy this book.
The Book:

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Books I Might Read Next:

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