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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brendon Burchard's The Millionaire Messenger (Book Review).

  • Book: The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Adivce
  • Author: Brendon Burchard
  • Released: 2011 (paperback)
  • Publisher: FREE Press
Where did I discover this book?

I had recently listened to Mark Victor Hansen’s (2004) recording of Mega Marketing These CDs were ten years old, however, much of the advice and tips were still good for marketing. Better late than never.

One of the speakers was Brendon Burchard. I decided to do some research on his books and courses. I thought the Millionaire Messenger might be of interest because I like to share advice.

 The book has recommendations/ testimonials from several famous self-improvement authors, including: John Gray, Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and others.

Some useful tips I discovered from author/ book:

 I doubt if I’ll make a million dollars selling my own information products in one year. However, over a lifetime (if I live another 50 years), I do believe I could earn a half-million dollars from selling information products alone.

Some of Burchard’s tips that I liked include:

  • Anyone can share their advice and personal stories and get paid to do it.
  • Information can be sold by e-books, books, CD, DVD, webinars, telephone seminars, conferences, and self-study courses.  
  • Burchard offers a mathematical formula for making a million dollars. The math makes sense, but it does not mean people will buy it. I had taken a business course in my hometown prior to opening up my business (DannyPettry.Com). Another person outlined this great business plan for a hot dog restaurant, which he predicted a lot more income for the upcoming annual budget, which did not happen. The business opened, but it did not stay open long.
  • Throughout the book Burchard offers questions “Signposts” to encourage the reader to think about the lesson he had just taught in the book. In example, on p. 41 he asks the reader to list five things I learned about marketing a product or brand are… There are nine different questions in that section.

Some additional things I learned from the book:

Write what I know about my from my own life experiences.

Anyone can be an expert.


He shared something along the lines that (somebody not famous) with no experience might not be well positioned to sell a product. In example, a person who has never cooked may not be the best person to sell a book about cooking. However, if that person had interviewed the 1,000 of the world’s best chefs, then he might be knowledgeable to write and share an information product on cooking.

 My tip: create a least one information product.  

Who would enjoy this book?

People who want to start a business sharing information products or how-to products

People who want to share their life experiences with others and make a profit

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