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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Read This book. It is called: Heed Your Call!

Dear Friend:  
Click here to get this book!
Do you feel suffocated in your work and afraid to become the hero of your own life story?If you’ve longed to pour your soul into your profession and follow a path that blends business success with spiritual fulfillment, this book will create a major shift in your life.
David Howitt’s transformative new book, Heed Your Call: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality, and Business is a modern-day manifesto for innovators whose creativity has been stilted, job hunters who’ve lost hope, spiritual seekers afraid of financial success, and professionals who feel disconnected and empty.
You’re about to discover that business and life do not have to be either/or propositions. Instead, you really can have it all.
David Howitt is a highly-successful business mentor who has soulfully guided founders of small businesses and Fortune 100 companies for over twenty years. With an uncanny ability to innately understand the lifeblood of fledgling entrepreneurs, he has a proven track record of helping business owners discover their passion and use it to grow their brands to maximum potential—creatively and financially.
In Heed Your Call, Howitt shares the stories behind his and others’ unique successes through 11 real-world lessons. His honest personal experiences are uncompromising as he examines the foundation-altering paths taken by some of today’s most exciting entrepreneurs on their way to becoming heroes of their own lives.
As you read Heed Your Call, you’ll gain tremendous insight into how to shift and raise your business consciousness by:
  • Bringing deep empathy and compassion into the boardroom to better understand your customer, staff, and yourself.
  • Embracing the power of And to integrate left and right brain qualities such as artistry and analytics, purpose and practicality, intuition and intellect.
  • Truly heeding your call by honoring the inner voice encouraging you to follow your passion.
Heed Your Call is a true awakening that will completely reshape how you think and feel about business. By uniting compassion with commerce and merging business with heart, David Howitt demonstrates that we all have gifts to share with the world. You’ll learn that your true life purpose can indeed manifest itself through your career.
“David Howitt believes your life and career should be a spiritual journey, not just a job,” states John Kroger, President, Reed College. “His remarkable new book weaves together myth, science, spirituality and business like never before. Heed Your Call is gripping, irreverent, and relevant.
Read this book. It will change your life.
Your friend,
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