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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm going to the annual conference for Recreational Therapists!

Recreational therapists from across the United States and Canada will be meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the annual American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) conference. It is from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 6th. I’ve not been to an annual conference since 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Updates about the conference will be posted at this blog. I’ll do my best to post some pictures and blog entries each night. I can’t promise anything yet because I know I’ll be very busy.

Here’s a list of the sessions that I’m going to be attending:

Sat. Oct. 3rd
- Education, Economics, and Employment in Recreational Therapy
- Heart-Rate Variability (HRV)
- The Opening Session, which I’ll present the Peg Connolly Student Scholarship Winners!

Sun. Oct. 4th
- General Session with Missy Armstrong
- Pediatrics Network
- ATRA: Standards of Practice for Recreational Therapy
- 25th Celebration of ATRA 1984-2009!

Mon. Oct. 5th
- Professionalism in Recreational Therapy
- Coverage of Recreational Therapy Services
- Working Lunch
- Advocacy 101 [Of course you know I’m all about promoting recreational therapy!]
- NCTRC Recertification requirements [Of course I need to keep up to date on this since I provide continuing education opportunities for recreational therapists]

I’m going to visit the Mall of America after training sessions! I’m going to get my father and almost step-niece who both share a birthday on October 11th. I’m also going to get my nephew Gage a little gift. Hmm, I may need to get several things to bring home for family. I can’t wait to see the Mall of America! How exciting is that!

Tue. Oct. 6th
- Attaining State Licensure for Recreational Therapy – [We working on this in West Virginia, too] I’m serve on the committee for Recreational Therapists pursing licensure in West Virginia. I plan to share information from this session at the West Virginia Therapeutic Recreation Association (WVTRA) conference in November.
- Social Networking/ Advocacy of Recreational Therapy: They’re going to hand out stickers for my myspace for recreational therapists at this session. That is exciting. I hope to meet tons of new recreational therapists from around the U.S. and Canada as a result of this session.
- Lunch and ATRA President address

Then I’ll be driving back. I’ll be singing take me home to the place where I belong…. West Virginia… mountain mamma, take me home.

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