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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Local authors from the Huntington, W.Va. area.

Friends of the Cabell County Public Library teamed up with local authors from the (Huntington, West Virginia area) to help promote library membership today.

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet several local authors who I’ll tell you about here.

I hoped that Jean Edward Smith, author of, FDR, would have been there. However, he wasn’t. Smith a professor at Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia). I had heard on the news that Barack Obama was reading FDR shortly before being sworn in as the nation’s President.

Here is a list of local authors who were present: A.E. Stinger, Eliot Parker, James Casto, Colonel Charles D. Whitt, Edwin Roble Jr. and David Lilly (co-authors), Llewllyn McKernan, Jeanne Holland Crowther, Bobbie Benedict Watts, and of course, myself, Danny Pettry.

A. E. Stinger
A.E. Stinger author of Human Costume (poetry)
I regret to say that I don’t read poetry, myself. However, I do like the concept of this book. It explores the different people we become. I think "human costumes" is an appropriate title.

A. E. Stinger has taught writing and literature at Marshall University for 20 years. I’d like to take one of his writing courses.

Eliot Parker
Eliot Parker author of The Prospect (fiction/ novel)

The Prospect seems to be an interesting story. It’s about a fictional baseball team in West Virginia. The main character Shane Triplet (drafted by the Cincinnati Reds) has been assigned to the fictional minor team, the Sheaville Loggers in West Virginia.

This novel would be a good read for baseball players and people from West Virginia. But, it’s also a good read for women, too. Shane Triplet falls in love with Olivia, which could be a whole new game. I plan to read this novel soon.

Eliot Parker, the author, is an assistant professor of English at Marshall Community and Technical College (Huntington, WV). He teaches writing classes for the college, too. I plan to take one of his writing classes because I have a personal goal to write a novel next.

James Casto
James Casto author of Marshall University (history)
James Casto is the author of several books, including: Cabell County (West Virginia), Marshall University, and Southern West Virginia: Coal Country.

Arcadia Publishing publishes his books. Arcadia is a leading publisher for local history books. They’ve got over 5,000 books about local communities in America.

Each book has many photographs that tell a story of the local community.

Charles D. Whitt
Colonel Charles D. Whitt author of Legacy (history/ biography)
Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whitt has a passion for both genealogy and civil war history.

It’s no wonder he’s written a historic story about the “Legacy” of his grandfather, David Crockett Whitt during the Civil War years.

This book explores many local areas, including: Pike County, Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence, Greenup, Carter, and Boyd Counties in Kentucky. It covers the Tug Fork on the West Virginia side. Part of the book also covers Tazewell and now Buchanan County in Virginia.

This book focuses on faith and getting through tough times.

To purchase this book go to:
The cost of this 580 page hard back is $30. plus $6.00 for shipping!
His new book out about the 1800's, civil war history and day to day living from 1836 to 1900 in south West Virginia and Kentucky. It is called "Legacy, The Days of David Crockett Whitt."
It can also be seen at:

David Lilly and Edwin F. Roble Jr.
David M. Lilly and Edwin F. Roble Jr. (co-authors) of The Swords of Athos (science-fiction)
Lilly and Roble are a grandfather-grandson team of co-authors. They’ve worked together to create a science-fiction novel.

It’s set in a university with seven worlds. Six of them are ruled by wicked evil wizards. The seventh world is under an assault.

A young adventure goes on a mission to find seven swords in order to return order to the worlds. Five men join him on his journey. This book will take you on an adventure to magical lands with ghosts, beasts, dinosaurs, and dragons.

Llewllyn McKernan
Llewllyn McKernan author of several books (poetry).
Llewllyn McKernan has written several poetry books. She is also a contributing author for the recent book, Backcountry: Contemporary Writing in West Virginia. It’s a book with pomes, memoirs, and prose.

The Other Side of Fear

Jeanne Holland Crowther author of The Other Side of Fear (self-help). Dr. Crowther was present, but she isn't shown in the picture. So, I got a picture of her book.
I was personally most interested in this book as a recreational therapist, teacher, and healer. I’ve also written a self-improvement book.

People living in fear are in prison. Dr. Crowther helps reveals ways on how a person can escape fear and become free. This book focuses on various emotions, including: anger, jealous, anxiety, worry, hate, and others.

The other side of fear is love. Cowther says that “love will find a way.” This book will provide a healing process for the reader.

Dr. Crowther has a BS in English, MA in counseling and rehabilitation, a MA in clinical psychology, a doctorate in Philosophy, a certification in Rubenfeld Synergy (which is a three year program in mind-body work. She’s counseled 1000s of people over the years and has been a psychology instructor for colleges and universities.
For more information, go to her website:

Bobbie Benedict Watts
Bobbie Benedict Watts author of Sunset House (fiction novel)

This story takes place during World War II.

Susan (the main character) is a grown woman with a degree in journalism from Marshall College (Huntington, West Virginia). She’s independent and successful now that she’s putting her degree to work.

But life takes a turn when she gets a call that she is needed back home in Florida.

Great book for people who are interested in history.

and of course, I was there, too.

Here's an amazon link for my two books:

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