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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I got three books for only $1.50!

A goldmine of books was at the Beckley Crossroads Mall today.

It was called the “First Annual Used Book Sale.”

For months, people had been donating their old books for this used book sale because 100% of the proceeds were going to benefit area school children thru newspapers in education.

All used books were $1.00 each. Some books were even .25 cents each!

This was a true goldmine for the booklover.

This sale will continue November 1st until November 8th. So, if you’re in the Beckley, West Virginia area you might want to stop by the Crossroads Mall and check this event out.

I purchased three books today for only $1.50!

I’m going to be giving them away as gifts to people (just for the heck of it). They’re not for the holidays, but just to give a gift.

The original prices on these three books were: $14.00, $5.50, and $5.50.

I saved $24 by going to this used book sale! Plus, they gave me some certificates for discounts at Borders Books!

As you already know, I’m a strong advocate for reading and literacy. I think more people should read books. This is a wonderful opportunity to get books at a great price. Plus, proceeds go towards helping children in the area.

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