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Friday, December 25, 2009

151 Names to Know

You can discover hidden secret wisdom buried deep in books.

Books contains secrets and wisdom that you’ll never know unless you read them.

Alex Mandossian is a person who helps people with marking books. Been reading his blog for a while. Around Thanksgiving time, Mandossian suggested for people to create a list of 100 teachers in their life. Teachers teach. They can share wisdom and knowledge and secrets and so much more.

Read over 500 books on self-development, psychology, personal growth, and achievement over the last decade from 1997 to 2009. Shared my discoveries and new found wisdom in my book.

Here is a list of 151 names who are discussed in the best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom:”

Abraham Maslow
Adam Forrest
Alan C. Elliott
Alane Thomas
Alfie Kohn
Andrew Carnegie
Anke Otto-Wolf
Anne Frank
Anne Stewart
Anthony Robbins
Barack Obama
Ben Affleck
Bethany Hamilton
Bill Gates
Brenda Herzog
Brian Tracy
Brigit Wolz
Calvin Klein
Carol Kline
Carrie Anne Phillips-Pettry
Charles Shultz
Charlie Dixon, MS, CTRS
Chris Morrow
Corey Schmidt
Cucan Pemo
Dale Carnegie
Daniel Goleman
Daniel Pink
Darrell Campbell
Dave Thomas
David Rilkin
Debra Beck
Deepak Chopra
Denis Waitley
Donna Keesee
Dorothea Brande
Dr. Albert Schweitzer
Dr. Bryan McCormick
Dr. Carl Rogers
Dr. David Burns
Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams
Dr. Jeanine Austin
Dr. Keirsey
Dr. Masaru Emoto
Dr. Raymond Moody
Dr. Rick Brinkman
Dr. Rick Kirschner
Dr. Sandra Parker
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Youngkhill Lee
Earl Nightingale
Edward Deci
Erin Gruewell
Frank C. Schroder
Frank Capra
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Gary Chapman
Gary Solomon
Geoffrey Godby
George Bailey (fictional)
George Bernard Shaw
Gerry Hopman
Goh Kiat Lian
Gus Van Sant
Hal Urban
Hale Dwoskin
Harry Truman
Heather Step
Heather Wyman
Heather Wyman, BA, BHCII
Homer Hickan
Jack Canfield
James Allen
James Pennebaker
Janet Switzer
Jennifer Reed
Jill Schoenberg
Jim Rohn
Joe Johnston
Joe Vitale
John Comer
Jonny Hawkins
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson
Kim Grandal BA, CTRS, ACC
Kimberly Kirberger
Leanne Beetham
Lewis Carroll
Logan Olson
Malcom Gladwell
Marci Osborne
Marci Shimoff
Margaret Merrill
Marie Barrett
Mark Victor Hansen
Mark Victor Hansen
Matt Damon
Michael Jordon
Michael Lee
Mihály Csíkszentmihályi
Napoleon Hill
Oprah Winfrey
Oralee Wachter
Oskar Schindler
Patricia Schultz
Patrick Henry
Penelope Farmer
Peter Maravich
Posey Boyd Pettry
Princess Diana
Professor Emeritus David Austin, Ph.D
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rhonda Byrne
Richard Flaste
Richard Poe
Roald Dahl
Robert Britt
Robert C. Byrd
Roberta Allen
Robin Williams
Ronald Madison
Ronald Reagan
Russell Conwell
Russell Simmons
Sam Walton
Sami Wnek
Sean Covey
Shakti Gawain
Shea Cowart
Sherry Lynn Simoes
Stanley Milgram
Stephen Covey
Steve Manning
Steven Pressifled
Suzann Rye
Suzanne Roloff
Thomas Friedman
Thomas Herold
Tiger Woods
Tim Sanders
Todd Wyrick
Tony Hawk
Tracy Meadows-Forrest
W. Clement Stone
Walt Disney
Wayne Dyer
Wayne Gretzky
Win Wenger
Zig Ziglar
Zlata Filipović

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