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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday donations

Had posted a blog on December 6th about attracting an extra $200 to help children in need. Click here to read the Dec 6th blog.
Law of Attraction (LOA) works in miraculous ways. It doesn’t always work the way a person wants it to. Thought the $200 would come directly to me. Didn’t work that way. Thought the money would go to help (one) child in need. Didn’t work that way either.

Provide services for adolescents who’ve been in trouble with the law (part-time). Worked with these boys and developed an end-of-the-year charity project to help them to give back to society and to become more empathetic and caring towards others. These boys created signs to collect donations, put the donations in large boxes and then wrapped the boxes. Didn’t share my personal belief in the LOA with these adolescents directly, but to discuss with these boys about a.) visualizing what you want, and b.) having faith that it will happened, and c.) going to work to make it real.

Nearly two-hundred items were collected. Estimate that over $200 worth of goods were collected. All contents were delivered to a local City Mission a few days before Christmas to help people who are homeless. Helped to transport them to the City Mission after the boys had collected all items.

Here is a list of items that were attracted through the LOA.

Only NEW items were accepted. No used goods were given.

  • Hygiene products: 1 mouth wash, 9 shampoos, 3 body washes, 1 hair gel, 10 deodorants, 1 body fragrance, 7 tooth pastes, 5 tooth brushes, 14 soaps, 1 hair brush, 1 baby powered, 3 cases for toothbrushes
  • Art projects: 4 sketch pads, 1 box of crayons, 1 box of colored pencils, 1 box of markers, 5 pencils, 1 fuzzy art poster, 1 ink pen.
  • Miscellaneous items: 1 king size blanket, 3 towels
  • Clothing: 12 beanies/ hats, 1 pack of socks (children’s size), 2 pair of jeans (children’s size), 4 seat pants (for children), 6 sweatshirts (children sizes), 1 pair of gloves, 1 ear muffs for kids
  • Food: 14 small packs of shortbread cookies, 6 small bags of chips, 4 small packs of fruit snacks, 2 small pack of pretzels, 1 large box with oatmeal bars
  • Games and Activities: 2 comic books, 1 word find, 3 small nerf basketballs with hops, 1 yahtzee game, 2 puzzles, 3 pack of playing cards, 1 pack of ten dice, 1 electronic simon game, , 1 basketball trivia card game, 1 football trivia card game, 1 scrabble card game, 1 basketball, 1 pack of ping-pong paddles.
  • Books: several books were donated.
  • Money: $30 cash was collected in an envelop

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