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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Booklovers will love the Amazon Kindle.

Love my Amazon Kindle.

It’s perfect for the booklover.

Do you read?

“Read, read, read, if you want to succeed” is a quote taken from my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

Benefits for having a Kindle

Saves space. There are hundreds of books at my apartment. They’re everywhere. Important reference books are by my office area. Books to read are stacked on a table by my bed. More books to read are on a shelf in the living-room area. Books to give away are stacked on the bar in the kitchen. Favorite books are put into containers. These include: a.) motivation books; b.) self-improvement books, c.) Holocaust literature, and there are many more large plastic containers stacked in my bedroom.

The Amazon Kindle can hold 1,500 books. Wow.
Mine only has one at this time, Daniel Pink’s Drive.

Here are the benefits that I find for having a Kindle:

  • Saves money. Kindle electronic books are more affordable to paperback and hardcover books. People can browse available books through Kindle’s wireless powerful connection. Kindle lists the price of the e-book and how much a person will save. Plus there is no shipping cost for e-books because you download them.

  • Instant gratification. Want a new book? Get it immediately. People can download it immediately once the book is listed on Amazon’s Kindle store. There is only a few seconds time delay after order. A minute is about the most a person has to wait for the book to download. There is no travel time. Readers don’t have to drive to the local bookstore, Wal-mart, Sam’s club, mall, or Borders. There is no shipping time. A person won’t have to wait a few days for the book to arrive.

  • Add notes. The kindle allows a person to add comments. Enjoy writing my thoughts and opinions. Can go back to the “notes” section and read what was written and see the link connected to the book. It’s similar to highlighting a book or writing in a book. A person can still do that.

  • Wave of the future. Believe with the increase in technology that electronic devices like this will be used more often. Back in 1992, my sixth-grade teacher had told the class of children that one day all kids would have a computer at their classroom desk. The giant apple computers of the early 90s were large and bulky. Always wondered how they’d get computers set up. Never realized they’d be as small as a kindle. Think any college student would benefit from the kindle because a person could save all their large text-books on their device.

  • Easy to carry. Remember brining home many books in middle school. There were 7-classes a day for each child. Nearly all of the teachers assigned homework. Faster workers completed their work at school. I, on the other hand, had to bring a lot of mine home to complete because it took me longer to finish schoolwork. My book-bag was worn-out by the end of the year. Would carry nearly six books home a night for classes like: math, English, health, current events, history, art books, library books required for English, and sometimes more. Remember having back strain from carrying such a heavy bag. Now, I can carry up to 1,500 books with a kindle that feels lighter than a DVD case.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the Amazon Kindle.

Think you would be wise to invest in one of these.

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