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Friday, January 22, 2010

Laredo, Texas doesn't have a bookstore.

Read that Laredo, Texas lost their last bookstore at CNN.

All bookstores have closed and the nearest bookstore is 150 miles away.

How sad is this.

Here are some useful tips for getting books:

a.) amazon.con offers books that you can purchase online. I find their prices to be affordable. Plus you can get an electronic kindle and download books. This could be one of the major reasons the bookstores in Laredo have closed.
b.) There are several other places that sell books online
c.) Wal-mart, Target, CVS, and other places have books

Here’s one thing I find amazing. Children have many school books in elementary, middle, and high school. Remember having to bring home about five books a night for homework in elementary school. These books included: English, Spelling, and Math, Science, and Social Studies assignments. Sometimes we’d have music books to practice lessons with the recorder and library books, too.

Must admit that I wasn’t much of a reader back then.

Children read from their teenage years until their high school years, but then it stops (for many people). I’ve read that very few people read another book again after high school. Fewer people read another book after college.

This seems sad. Books provide some much treasure.

As you already know from my book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” I’m a big fan of reading and believe that it is a key to self-fulfillment, personal growth and development and success in life.

Here is the source:

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