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Monday, January 25, 2010

What is good character?

New thing to do.

Each Monday, I'm going to share a topic for your personal success journal.

Set your timer for 5-mins. and answer the question. Once the alarm stops - stop writing.

Today's topic:

Describe good character.

Had posted this question on facebook.

Here are the answers that I received:

  • Danny Pettry hard-work, considerate, positive attitude, honest, and faitfhul.
  • Trudy Bell humility, determination,compassion, dependability, and all the above
  • Deana T ...And loyalty, Respect for self as well as others...
  • Anne Marie Maynard being compassionate goes a long way and shows great character!
  • Holly Painter-Myers Honesty, respectful, thoughtful, I'm sure you have these!
  • Shannon Hughart reliability... honesty... humor
  • Cortney McKinney being kind :o)
  • Amy Sturm compassion
  • Melissa Brady Loyalty
  • Casey Combs McGuire Honesty, selflessness
  • Rob Young piety
  • Hank Bostic doing what is right because it is right
  • Allison Nacole Neal Combs empathy!
  • Anna Leard non-judgmental
  • MeriBeth C. Underwood humble, gracious, kind
  • A friend of mine had a friend on her facebook who had this quote for her status on 2/3/2010: Smaller assignments build character, if you can't be faithful in the little, you won't be given a larger assignment.

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