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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NCTRC -- Speciality Certification Program

Received the Therapeutic Recreation Directory Feb. 2010 newsletter in my email today.

It’s created by my mentor and good-friend, Charlie Dixon, MS, CTRS. He lives and works in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Every recreational therapist should know about Charlie Dixon and his e-newsletter. His web-site: is in my opinion, the best, and most complete and informative site for recreational therapists online. You’ve probably been to his page before and may not realize it.

Mr. Charlie posted something regarding NCTRC that I felt was worth repeating here. I hadn’t heart this news until now.

Here is what Charlie had written:

NCTRC - 2-9-10NCTRC announces an exciting addition to their certification program. NCTRC is planning to launch a new specialty certification program during the next few months. The primary purpose of NCTRC specialty certification is to acknowledge the CTRS whose practice has reached an advanced professional level, and to provide formal recognition of competence beyond the CTRS credential. NCTRC specialty certification will provide an additional level of assurance to patients, consumers, and employers regarding the delivery of quality recreation therapy and therapeutic recreation services.

NCTRC plans to award specialty certification in the following five areas of practice:
· Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
· Geriatrics
· Developmental Disabilities
· Behavioral Health
· Community Inclusion Services

The Specialty Certification Program is currently undergoing final testing using a pilot group of CTRSs. Stay tuned for future announcements about this exciting new program.

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