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Monday, February 8, 2010

How I Applied Rubin's Happiness Project!

See the new desk, chair, and shelves. I put them together myself. It took about 3-hours.

I kept an empty shelf -- just like Rubin. Please note that I put about 500 books in three large grey rubber storage containers, too. They're put in the closet. Only books I need for my business and quick reference are kept in my office.
How I Applied Rubin's Happiness Project to my own life?

Lessons I Applied from Rubin’s Happiness project:

  • Rubin is a big time reader. I admire that in her. My goal is to read more books this year. Naturally, I share the same passion as you already know if you’ve read “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.” My philosophy is that wisdom is hidden in books and people can discover secrets by reading. Naturally, I plan to read more books this year than I did last year. My mother was the champion in the family. She had read 67-books in 2009. I had read 59. Mother did read the book that I had written among those 67-books. Unfortunately, my father, sister, and brother don’t share the same reading habit. Dad read half of my book in 2009. His plan is to read the second half in 2010. He said I’d write my next book before he finishes it.

  • Had read in Rubin’s book about de-cluttering. January was my month to de-clutter. Started in February. I even left an empty shelf just like Rubin had (except mine is on my book shelf. Will eventually put some books on shelf. Had filled three large trash bags full of good clothes, shoes, and even my old high school book-bag which was in excellent condition. Had taken all of these to the local good-will to help people in need. As a reminder. My book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” has a chapter on “doing-good.” As a reminder, I recommend doing a spring cleaning and donating to people in need. You could do the same. Clean out and give thing away that you no longer use. What good is it going to do sitting at your house?

  • Also, decided to buy myself a little something nice. This was one of the things Rubin suggested, too. She had purchased herself things related to blue birds. So, I splurged and bought a new computer desk and a chair. Big difference, I know. It took me about 3.5 hours to assemble, but did it myself and feel proud. My office space looks a lot nicer with a real desk. The chair gets an A+ for comfort. I feel so happy with my new home office space! This is amazing.

  • Sent out Valentine Day cards. Rubin said she sent cards out in February opposed to during Christmas-season because she had more time and money. I picked up a pack of cards and sent them to:

  • Donna, a woman who I’d love to date, but she lives two states away from me and she has shown no romantic interest.

  • Bryony Matthewman – a woman who I watch on YouTube. She’s an artist and she makes comedy videos. She lives in England. She’s a person who I admire. She says she’s going to create a review for my book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” sometime. I won’t hold my breath. (Laugh aloud).

  • Zlata Filipović – author of Zlata’s Diary. Her book has had a strong impact on my life. I’m a big fan of hers. She lives in Ireland. Had sent her a copy of my book last month.

  • Gage – my nephew. He was the primary reason I picked up the V-Day cards. He’ll turn 3-years-old this month. Put a little bit of money in the card so his parents can get him a fun toy.

  • And of course, my mother of course because she is wonderful and I thought she’d enjoy getting a Valentine’s Day card in the mail.

  • My sister because she is wonderful, too. Wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her.

  • Had one extra card from this pack of 8-cards, so, I opened my address book, flipped the pages and it landed on my friend Chris, so, I sent one to him and his wife Julie. They won’t know what to think when they get a happy Valentine’s Day card from me. (Laugh aloud). Thought it would be a nice way to let ‘em know I care about my friends who live far away.

Received $18.00 store credit for Empire Books and News in Huntington, West Virginia! This is very exciting. Don’t know what book I’ll get next. Empire will buy back used books.
Plus, people can buy used books at better prices.
It’s amazing.
This is the first time that I’ve done this. I received $18.00 for returning these books:
a.) Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project [hard cover]
b.) Unsweetined by Jodie Sweetin [hard cover] c
.) Dear John by Nicholas Sparks [hard cover]
d.) And two paper back Debbie Macomber books that my mother had read. Had recently read Swettin and Rubin’s books. Had had Sparks book on my shelf for a long time -- not is a perfect time to return it with the new movie. Wow -- $18.00, what will I buy next? It must be a keeper because I don't buy books unless they're keepers now that I have a kindle.
Also – put together a tote-bag full of books that I’m going to take to a group home for teenage girls in the area. Believe they’ll fine this collection of self-improvement books, novels, and various books to be of interest. I am big on giving - - especially books. Why am I getting rid of books? a.) to get store credit from Empire for the ones I knew they’d accept b.) to do good by helping others.

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