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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is needed for a positive attitude?

Writing a chapter on having "positive attitude" for an upcoming book. Goal is to complete the chapter by Feb. 12th. or sooner.

Seeked advice and tips for the chapter from my friends through the use of facebook.

Had posted this question:

What is needed for a positive attitude? Please post your comments.

Here are the comments that I received:

  • Danny P.-- [My comments: Gratitude, Forgiveness are two that I suggest. Of course, no person is positive 100% of the time. This would not be authentic. It wouldn't be real.

  • Brandi D. -- Gratitude, Forgiveness, Resilience, selfllessness (is that a word? lol) and an open mind

  • Amanda K. -- To roll with the flow; accept what you can and cannot influence, smile. Even if you live to be a hundred, you'll be dead alot longer, so make the most of every day!

  • MeriBeth U. -- be humble, be gracious, be kind

  • Jenni C. -- Gratitude - you can't be negative when you're focused on being thankful

  • Alisa W. -- Red Bull. -- Its pretty instant - just drink half your first time!!! Another tip, Smile, its contagious and when you do it you forget about things that irritate ya!!

  • Lisa S. -- an open mind

  • Donna W. -- A healthy perspective

  • Brian N. -- Sleep

  • Angela D. -- By surrounding yourself with positive people! :D

  • Elizabeth -- Lots of chocolate

  • Robsosky J. -- humble yourself. be conscious and thankful of what you have.accept the things that are not in your control. give your pity to others and not your humble

  • Tayon M. -- Eliminating negative folks from you life!!!

  • Kevin W. -- wheaties,sleep,and a great wife.........i just need some money for the wheaties.

  • Todd K. -- the better you think you look the better you feel and the better your attitude.

  • Courtney E-H. -- To surround urself with positive people and to wrap ur mind around the fact the fact that u urself cannot change people or outcomes.. u can only control urself therefore u'll stress less and b more laid back and openminded... in my opinion at
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