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Sunday, February 28, 2010

World's smallest library

Technology is causing some things to go bye-bye.

In example: There are less phone booths today becuase so many people have a cell phone.

There are less magazines and newspapers and books being sold because many of them can be download online. I've purchased less [hard-cover or paperback] books since I got an Amazon kindle. I simply download them online.

Here is some good news. Red phone booths and books may decreasing, but a guy in England purchased a Red phone booth for (1 pound, I beleive). and he uses it as the world's smallest library. It had a major line of people.

Very pleased to read about this unique idea. Love it. Of course, I don't want paperback books to completely go away. Some books are so good you've just got to get them in hard-cover.

Here is the source for the Red Phone Booth Library

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