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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reading Lady -- Book Pack Ideas

My friend Megan is a 5th-grade teacher. She posted information on her facebook that she had been busy creating book packets for her students.

Listen to this… well, read this:

Megan said:

I teach fifth grade, and what a teacher friend and I do is give the students a
selection of books. The students put down their first three choices. Stacey
(teacher friend) and I make sure each student gets one of the three choices.
Then the students are placed in their "Book Club."

The packet is a student guide of activities for the students to complete each day in Book Club. They have to find two words a day they don't know, summarize, and discuss with each other. The teachers are simply there to monitor and make sure students are on track. Also, we have students gain a deeper understand of the content they are reading through asking deeper level questions.

I love how Megan is getting students to read. Hope the children are having fun with it.

Megan also suggested an amazing web-site that I didn’t know about:

Megan has a blog and resources created for teachers. Think recreational therapists working with children may find use with her blog. She has various assessment tools for teachers. Haven’t had time to review all of them myself. Hope there is something a recreational therapist could use to help children. Of course, as you already know, biblio-therapy (therapeutic use of books) is one of my favorite facilitation techniques.

Will keep you posted when I learn more from and how it can be useful for recreational therapists, too.

Here is a link from the readinglady for a literature group session.

It has some self-awareness questions that could be use for group activities:

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