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Monday, March 1, 2010

Check out Judith Orloff''s book "Second Sight!"

Judith Orloff is a M.D./ psychiatrist and she is the author of a new book called, "Second Sight." As you already know, I'm a big fan of books. AS a teacher/ healer, I highly recommend for you to check out this book...

We are far more than we allow ourselves to be.
“Second Sight” helps you understand this.
~ Louise Hay

My talented and daring colleague Judith Orloff MD - a UCLA psychiatrist, intuitive healer, and New York Times best-selling author - is a pioneer who bridges mainstream medicine with intuition, energy medicine, and spirituality.

Dr. Orloff celebrates the exciting launch of her new book "Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story and Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom."

A riveting story of her exile between two worlds--intuition and mainstream medicine

--SECOND SIGHT reveals Dr. Orloff's journey from an intuitive child, alone with confusing abilities, to an esteemed psychiatrist who comes out of the "intuitive closet" to defy medical taboos. She also teaches you empowering, practical techniques to awaken your own intuitive powers to transform your health and life! (This is the new Three Rivers Press edition.)

Today Dr. Orloff is treating you to an incredible one-time book-launch offer with a special "Act On A Hunch" gift collection from herself and friends Michael Beckwith, Dr. Daniel Amen, Shirley MacLaine and many more. Plus receive Judith's first lesson from her new "Emotional Vampire Course" from the Daily Om!

Purchase the book and receive your special gifts at:

In this book you'll discover how to:

~ Use intuition to "read" yourself and others

~ Open to the magic of synchronicities and déjà vu

~ Remember and interpret your dreams

~ Use intuition to heal yourself

~ Cultivate intuitive empathy without absorbing people's negativity and stress

Here are some wonderful reviews of Second Sight:

"Second Sight is a page turner, inspiring, controversial."

~ Joan Borysenko PhD "

One of those rare books that has the potential to create shock waves and revolutions within a profession."

~ Larry Dossey, MD. "

Exceptional! Dr. Orloff is the kind of physician we wish we all had."

~ Caroline Myss

If you'd like to be more intuitive and get beyond your intellect's limitations go here to purchase book and claim FREE gifts:

P.S. Remember that the entire "Act On A Hunch" gift collection is yours FREE with your book order -- but ONLY when you grab it before the cut-off. Don't miss your chance!

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