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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Lovers

Love books. They're wonderful.

Beleive that wisdom is hidden in books, but a person must be an avid reader to discver these secrets. That is how I got the name of my book, "Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom."

I can spend hours in Empire books in Huntington, Borders at the Huntington Mall, B&N in Chalreston, Books-a-Million in Ronaoke. These places are like gold mines. Full of wonderful treasure maps.

Book lovers need to know about the 10th annual West Virginia Book Fair.

It will be on Sat. Oct. 16th and Sun. Oct. 17th at the Charleston, West Virginia Civic Center. Admission to this event is FREE.

I’m going to send out a registration form for a booth this weekend! So, you’ll probably see me there.

Applied to be a presenter at this year’s fair too. If accepted, I’ll be giving a live one-hour presentation on how to self-publish a book.

Go here for info. on the W.Va. 10th Book Fair:

I’ve self-published many books, including:

Magical Spellbinding Quotes for Motivation (Volume II) 2010.
Wisdom Revealed: The success journal (2009)
Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom (2009)
Magical Spellbinding Quotes for Motivation (Volume I) 2009.
Improve Your Coping Skills (2008)
The 30-Day Self-Discover Workbook (2007)
Lessons for Life and Leisure (2006)
Activities for Children: A Handbook for the Group Leader (2005)
How to Lead Group Activities (2004)

Working on my 10th book now.

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