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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cinema Therapy - 17 Again Movie Review

Cinema Therapy is the use of movies for therapeutic and healing. Movies can be inspirational, too. Many movies can be more than just entertainment.

Believe “17 Again” could be of inspiration for people. It is one of my favorite movies. Fortunate to have seen it at the movie theater in 2009. Meant to have written a review of it shortly after seeing it, but it had slipped my mind.

It is currently on television tonight.

It reminds me of a modern day version of “It’s a wonderful life” with maybe a twist of “13 going on 30.”

“It’s a wonderful life” was one of the movies I had reviewed in the chapter on inspirational/ cinema therapy movies in my book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.”

Here I’ll give you a quick review of “17 Again:”

Main character Mike is separated from his wife. His children aren’t talking to him. Things at work aren’t going well. Mike is basically depressed with the state of his life.

Mike returns to his high school to reminisce the good ol’ days. In high school, Mike was a basketball all-start. He could have earned a scholarship to play basketball for a major college Mike discovers his high school girlfriend (soul mate), Scarlett is pregnant. Mike decides to leave basketball behind to marry his girlfriend.

The custodian is like the guardian angle in “It’s a wonderful life.” The custodian gives Mike a chance to go back to the age of 17 and do it all over again, however, he didn’t go back in time to 1989. He only became “17 again.”

In “It’s a wonderful life,” the guardian angle shows George Baily how different life would be without him there. In “17 Again” the custodian “guardian angle” shows Mike how different life would be without him, too.

Here is the big question:

Does Mike make different choices? Or, does he remake the same choices he had made the first time?

Don’t want to give away any spoilers. You’ll have to watch it to discover what happens for yourself.

The custodian, a.k.a. spiritual guide, a.k.a. guardian angle smiles at the choice Mike makes.

Here is a youtube preview for the movie:
Decide if you want to watch it:

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