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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Self-esteem/ Cinema Therapy for Adults

Watched the movie, “She’s out of your league” today at the movie theater.

Believe this movie could help build self-esteem for adults.
Deeper moral or lesson is buried in this comedy.
Want to keep the good parts of the movie a secret so you can enjoy it.
Can tell you that the basic lesson from the movie includes: are that all people are important.

You are an important person, too. You must have faith. And you must believe in yourself. Go for your dreams.

As you may recall from my best-selling book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” there was a full chapter on obtaining inspiration from movies. Also known as: Cinema Therapy. Think adults with self-esteem issues or those who are still dating could enjoy this movie and find its moral useful. Had left the theater smiling myself.

Please be advised that some parts of the movie could be offensive to people. It is a comedy.

Here is a youtube preview for the movie so you could determine if it may be of interest to you:

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