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Sunday, March 21, 2010


My goal for this week is to write at least 10 letters to seek a partnership with a charity. Want part of the proceeds from my upcoming book, "Amazing Advice" to go to a non-profit.

Here is the Monday Journal Question:

Favorite Charity? Please post your favorite charity. Want to form a partnership with a good charity for proceeds from my new book. First charity didn’t work out. So – tell me who or what group is nice. Thanks, Danny.

Here are what my facebook friends have said so far:

Chantelle Clyburn Harrah
I am all about St Judes. I could go on for hours about why, but in my eyes that's just one charity that is really taking 100% of what you give, and giving 100% of themselves in return.

Jennifer DavisWalton
St. Jude's is Great, also partial to Alzheimer's Association & Diabetes Association. Good luck! Great idea!

Tara Rickard
Nuru International....they do sustainable development in the developing world....amazing work with amazing results....and started by a fellow west

Alisa Rae Wartella

Jessica Henry
i agree st. jude's is wonderful. also becuase im a animal lover i love the aspca.

Kiley Kelly
Yea I was gonna go with aspca or humane society

Amy Myers Hard
Heifer International is great -they give livestock and education to people worldwide who live in poverty, so that they can break the cycle. I always had my students doing a read-a-thon during March to support HI. I worked for the Arthritis Foundation in Arizona, and they're pretty awesome as well. Arthritis isn't as "popular" a disease as say cancer, but it affects a huge number of mom being one of them. There's my two-cents' worth! :-)

Kari Kensinger
why not give to hospital that employs a rec therapist

Amanda Spaulding
It's not in WV but Special Kids of Tennessee (in Murfreesboro). They're a non-proffit. They provide occupational, physical, speech and I believe some recreational therapy for special needs children. I used to volunteer there and love them! They're an amazing group of people! :o) they have a facebook page if you want to check them out.

Nancy Morrison
I second Special Kids! Phillip's brother went there when he was alive. They do amazing things for the kids and rely on donations.

Amber Suttle Willson
St Jude's is amazing. As is March of Dimes. I'm partial to anything that helps children.

Jessica Smith
Victory juction gang camp is a camp for children with disabilities and/or illness(and their families) that offers a week or weekend specific to their needs. Amazing place, I volunteer there at least once a year and have been doing it for 5 years now!

Jane Lonschein
special olympics,and people for the ethical treatmentof animals also rescue ink do good work for rescuing animals.

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