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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie Rental Stores Are Going Obsolete.

Felt upset that the Movie Gallery in my hometown area went out of business last year.
Since then three local Blockbusters have went out of business. These included: South Point, Ohio, downtown Huntington, W.Va. and Rt. 60 in Huntington.

Went to the Movie Gallery in Kentucky, which is right across the Big Sandy River in the Huntington, W.Va. area.

Told the manager that I was shocked that nobody was in there on a Friday night. There were no customers. The manager laughed and said the store was having a good night because they brought in $600 in sales for the night. Felt shocked at comment because I’d imagine a store like that should be making about $600 an hour.

Returned today to find giant, bright “Closing Soon” signs… Everything must go.

This is very disappointing because I love movie rental stores.

However, I realize that it is a tough business. People can rent movies from their home now with technology. They can use netflix and have videos sent to their home, which I imagine netflix may be the next to go.

People can buy DVDs at Wal-mart for $5 in the large bin. Some of these movies are fairly new based on my experiences. Some of these movies were released within the last year or two.

Purchased a few classic, rare DVDs that were on sale there. These included: To kill a mocking bird, Gandhi, teacher Ron Clark Story, one on the Reagans, and Uptown Girls. As you'll remember from my best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, I recommend Cinema-therapy/ watching movies to learn ways to become great. Think there are some good lessons from these movies and they're worth watching again.

Didn’t need any DVDs, but felt an urge to spend today when I should have saved.

Maybe I would have been one of the children who would have eaten one marshmallow now instead of waiting for two marshmallows later. Will work on patience.

Worried about the employees at this Movie Gallery. These feelings intensified when I logged online to find a story that Blockbuster may file bankruptcy. The end of the “Blockbuster-era” is near. I absolutely love my job and what I do to help children. I’d be devastated if something happened to our hospital or facility or if I were laid-off or fired for any reason.

Change is inventible. Things will be different in the future. My professor in graduate school, Dr. Bryan McCormick had once said, “Luck favors the prepared.” Highly encourage people to prepare today.

Dr. Raymond Busbee was one of the professors who I had during undergraduate school at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Dr. Busbee was the academic advisor for students in Parks Resources and Leisure Services with a focus in Park Management. Remember Dr. Busbee once telling students (approximate year 2000) that the United States Postal Service might not be a good career choice for students after graduation. I scoffed at this idea at first because I had grown-up hearing that government jobs had great benefits. Dr. Busbee informed students that there was a growing use of digital communications through email. He said that there would be less mail in the future. He was right. As you already know there are rumors that the U.S. Postal Service is going to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. This may seem like a minor move to save money, but I’m certain that many positions will be cut in this process.

I pay over 95% of my bills online today. Most days I don’t receive any mail at all. Occasionally I’ll order a book from Amazon and will have a package at my door. However, I’ll be ordering fewer hardcover and paperback books now that I have an Amazon kindle and will be able to download books wirelessly and instantly anytime I want. Again, that may not be a good thing for people who crave instant gratification. Have set a limit to only 2-3 digital books per month.

Morales: Prepare for the future. Save money.


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