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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hal Urban's NEW book

Hal Urban is the author of many books, including his new one:
Lessons from the Classroom: 20 Things Good Teachers Do.
Very pleased to say that Hal Urban is going to review my upcoming book on being nice.
Urban had sent me a pdf flyer for his new book and asked me to share it with others.
Regret to say I was unable to upload the pdf flyer.
So, I copied and pasted the main points from the flyer to help spread the word here:

“If future teachers and those already in
the classroom were to read one book
to help them become the best teacher
they could be, they could do no better
than Lessons from the Classroom
20 Things Good Teachers Do
There’s wisdom, inspiration, and nutsand-
bolts guidance on every page.”

Dr. Thomas Lickona
Author, Educating For Character

“I can think of no book that I
would recommend more highly to
an experienced or novice teacher. It is
simply the best one I’ve ever read for
the teacher who wants to perform
at the highest level, and help his
or her students do the same.”
Dr. Phil Vincent
Author, Restoring School Civility

“This is just plain wonderful! It’s a
one-of-a-kind teaching manual that
shows us some of the important
things teachers can do to make
a difference in their students’
lives... I hope every teacher
in the country reads it and
applies these valuable lessons.

Dr. Michele Borba
Author, Building Moral Intelligence
Not found at, in bookstores, in catalogues, or in discount storesSee ordering instructions on the author’s website or call him directly
Phone: (650) 366-0882

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