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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Join Danny's 2010 Book Campain Team!

Seeking partners for 2010 Book Campaign

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You’re invited to join Danny Pettry's 2010 Book Promotion Campaign!

It is Easy and FREE.
Danny's New book will be released in Oct. 2010!

“Amazing Advice for Becoming Nice:
Tips on Attitude, Character, Empathy, Doing Good, Helping, and More.”

ISBN 1450521495
EAN-13 9781450521499.
Danny is putting together a team of 100 people who'll share a bonus gift and/or send an email about the book to their e-mail newsletter, blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.

Why You Should Join...

Participating in this campaign will help magnify you and your services, too. Each person who buys a copy of Danny’s new book will have access to download a gift from you. Hundreds of people will be emailing announcements about Danny’s new book and the bonus gift from you. Your bonus could potentially reach 1,000s of new people. This will increase awareness of your services. Plus, Danny will include information about you in the acknowledgements of his new book on tips for being nicer.

Go to this link to see a sample of the bonus gifts that people had given away with Danny's 2009 best-selling book:

Go here to JOIN Now...

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