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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eliot Parker’s book, “The Prospect”

Believe reading is the key to succeeding. Wisdom is hidden in books, but you must be an avid reader to discover the secrets. My self-improvement book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom is about the importance of reading for personal development.

Danny’s Book Recommendation:

Eliot Parker is an Assistant Professor of English at Marshall Community and Technical College (Huntington, West Virginia). He’s also a Teacher Consultant with the national writing project and a literay reviewer with the Military Writers Society of America and Dorrance Publishing. He’s a fairly well-rounded person when it comes to English and writing. Personally, I want to take one of his writing courses because he’s not only a teacher, but he has written a novel. It is my goal to write a novel after completing my current book on becoming nice.

Eliot Parker’s book, “The Prospect” is about a fictional baseball team in West Virginia. It’s the story of their season. They have the number one pitching prospect. But beyond baseball, this is a story about family and community.

Here is a video where Eliot tells more about his book:

Get Eliot Parker’s Book here:


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