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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dr. Debra Johanyak's book "Behind the Veil"

Believe reading is the key to succeeding. Wisdom is hidden in books, but you must be an avid reader to discover the secrets. My self-improvement book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom is about the importance of reading for personal development. Plus, there is a full chapter on the importance of “doing good” in the book.

Danny’s Book Recommendation:

Dr. Debra Johanyak is the author of “Behind the Veil.”

Debra Johnayak is currently a Professor of English at the University of Akron Wayne College.

“Behind the Veil” is her story of a woman with dual citizenship who loves both countries the United States and Iran during 1979 when the American Embassy in Tehran was taken by militants. This story shares her personal struggle choosing between the two countries she loves during this crisis.

Behind the Veil is available at the Amazon link here:

Here is a video of Dr. Debra Johanyak talking about her book:

Behind the Veil is available at the Amazon link here:

Want to discover more about the importance of reading and secrets on success? If so, check out Danny Pettry’s book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

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