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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lois Loehr Rini's book "The Beag: Doing Good in the 'Hood."

Believe reading is the key to succeeding. Wisdom is hidden in books, but you must be an avid reader to discover the secrets. My self-improvement book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom is about the importance of reading for personal development. Plus, there is a full chapter on the importance of “doing good” in the book.

Danny’s Book Recommendation:

Lois Loehr Rini’s children’s book, “The Beag: Doing Good in the ‘Hood” could be an excellent way to teach children the importance of developing character. The Beagle in the story does many nice things like brining the newspaper to people and visiting children at the homeless shelter.

Recreational therapists and others who work with children could use this book to teach values. Think the story could prompt some good discussions. Read this story to a child or a group of children and ask them: what did the Beag do? What did you like best about the Beag? How could you act like the Beag? Is there anything nice you could do before the end of the day? Have the child write on a sheet of paper what she (or he) plans to do before the end of the day. Here are some examples: help take out the trash, help wash dishes, help a sibling or do something else that is nice, like the Beag.

Glad to say that my little cousin Maddy got a copy of this book at the Ohio River Book Fair in Huntington, West Virginia with her own money.

Lois is from Indiana. I was pleased to tell her that I completed my graduate degree in Recreational Therapy at Indiana University.

Here is a video by the author Lois Loehr Rini:

You can get this book on Amazon here:


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