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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gandhi is my hero.

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Recently read the new book "The Leader Who Had No Title." It was fable on leadership and lessons for life by Robin Sharma.

The lessons and concepts reminded me of a real life leader who had no title.
He was Gandhi.

Gandhi lived most of his life without a title. He stood for many things, including: freedom, nonviolence, peace, truth, and overall goodness. When he died in 1948, he didn't have a fancy title. He didn't have riches or property. He wasn't the owner of a large company. He wasn't a ruler of a nation or armies. He was a leader with no title.

I once had my full name with all my titles listed at the bottom of my emails at work. I'm going to post it here for an example:

Danny W. Pettry, II, MS, CTRS, Recreational Therapist (for the blank and blank programs) at such and such hospital in a Wonderful State, USA.

Laugh aloud.

I changed the settings for my email. Now it only says:

your friend,

Think this is better. I have been trying to lead without a title.
I don't need to be the CEU of the hospital or the Director of whatever.

I can be a real leader in my own position. using the principles from Robin's book.

Recently, I rewatched the Gandhi film, which always inspires me.

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