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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ATRA - New List Serv

Recreational therapists --

I highly recommend that you join the new list serv for recreational therapists by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association with OK University.

There have been constant updates.

I posted my first question today by sending an email to the list serve. I asked for people from N.C., N.H., O.K., or Utah to contact me regarding the process for obtaining state licensure in Rec Therapy. Several recreational therapists in W.Va. are wanting to start this process.

Received emails from two people from two different states who are interested in presenting. This is wonderful news. The list-serv is going to work wonders for recreational therapists in our field.

All you have to do is:

In first line of message: type “SUBSCRIBE ATRANET-L”

Here are the main rules:


1. Only subscribers may post on ATRAnet. This will cut back on spam, viruses, etc.

2. Attachments must be smaller than 250K. It is suggested that you type the majority of text in email and send
attachment to individual users.

3. We do not allow advertising with the exception of information that could be useful to other subscribers for
practice, educational or research purposes.

4. All subscribers must be respectful of other members in the course of dialogue.
ATRA and Oklahoma State have the right to remove individuals from ATRAnet if a person violates the rules.

Here is a pdf link for all information:

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