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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wisdom: What Should You Post Online.

How to find out what is said about you online is presented at the bottom of this article.

I share tons of wisdom for being successful in life in my best-selling book “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” but, you must read the book to discover the hidden secrets for success.

Today, I want to give you some FREE Tips and Wisdom about using the Internet to be successful.

First -- It is important to play it safe online. Be smart. Don’t post anything you may regret.

In example:

If you’re mad wait a day before you send an email or post comments on any of the social networking sites: twitter, facebook, myspace, blogspot, ning, youtube, tumbr, and many more. Once that email is sent or that post is posted it is there.

But realize that these sites can be very beneficial to your professional success.

Here is an example:

You already know that these online sites are wonderful for networking. They can help you catch up with old friends and make new friends.

Plus -- They can even help you to find a perfect job and so much more. I use these sites to promote my profession and have received many personal emails of thanks from people.

Here are some examples of praise I’ve received that show how social networks can be beneficial for professionals:

  • Hi Danny! What a great idea to have this [myspace] page! How in the world do you
    find the time to seek out other rec therapists? It’s great! (2006).

  • I love the passion. [commenting on rec therapy myspace page

  • Excited about your [myspace] site [for recreational therapists] – you rock. (2006)

  • Thanks so much for your support!!! I appreciate it! [after posting info. for a rec therapist]

  • Once a woman replied how I helped her find the perfect job for her. She thanked me and said that had it not been for my myspace for RTs that she'd never have discovered the job. Regret to say that I can't find her email right now.

Of course, all of these were from myspace. Based on my personal experiences many people aren't using myspace now. They're on facebook. Some have even left facebook for Twitter, which seems to be the new thing for many. Expect there will be something new in the future, too. The net is always changing.

Advice and Tips for Online:

  • Check your privacy settings on your personal social sites. See who can view them. Make changes to protect your privacy.

  • Google yourself and see what results come up. Was listening to the local Magic 97.9 Radio (Huntington, West Virginia) on my way to work one day. D.J. – J.B. Miller said that he googled himself online one day and discovered pictures from the 80s that he didn’t remember. They were pictures of him painting that were taken for an article in a magazine or newspaper back in the 80s. Google yourself and see what results show up. Have read that some employers will google a person before interviewing them. Make sure the results are good. If not, work at getting sites changed.

  • Also go to LinkedIn. You can create an account there. However, I noticed that LinkedIn had already posted information about me before I started an account. Somehow their site had obtained knowledge about me and posted it. You can create an account and make changes.

What Does The Net Say About You?

  • Finally, my friend Nancy M. from Minnesota posted about an interesting site called I’d rather call it Spooky-dot-com. It reveals a lot of information. My friend Nancy said, “I realize my hubby needed to change security settings on his facebook and delete his myspace. Also, you can go to the privacy button at the bottom of the page and choose to have your information removed from that site, too.

Hope you enjoyed this free wisdom for being safe online.

As a reminder, if you want to discover more hidden wisdom and secrets on success then I highly recommend that you check out my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom: A Recreational Therapist’s System on How You Can Become Great at Anything!

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