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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have you read Scott Blum's "Summer Path?"

Believe great wisdom can be found in books.

As you’ll recall from my best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom: A Recreational Therapist’s System on How You Can Become Great, I said: “read a book a week."

My recommendation for the week is...

Scott Blum’s Summer’s Path.

This book was originally a best-selling electronic book.
It is NOW available in an expanded-edition hardcover.

I’ve already got my copy of the book as shown in the picture below. I put it on the book shelf in my home-office for this picture.

[regret to say the picture won't upload tonight]

Here is a brief preview of the book:

Summer’s Path presents the remarkable story of Don Newport, an engineer who comes face-to-face with his personal destiny under extraordinary circumstances. After losing his job and his health insurance, Don learns that he has a terminal disease, with only a few months left to live. On his deathbed, he meets Robert, a brazen angel of death who promises to help him with a graceful exit.

As Don prepares to say his last goodbyes to his loving wife, Robert attempts to change Don’s perspective about his mortality and proposes an exceptionally unique option.

Robert leads Don through an astounding meditation of life and death and reveals various healing and spiritual concepts, including walk-ins, embodiment, and soul destiny. On this magical journey of self-realization, Don discovers that it’s never too late to learn profound life lessons about ourselves and our loved ones.

Summer’s Path is the prequel to the best-selling book Waiting for Autumn. I've not read Waiting for Autumn yet. Glad to know that Summer's Path was the prequel so I can read Waiting for Autumn next! It had been on my list of books to read for a while.

I, Danny Pettry, consider myself to be a “Teacher-Healer.” There are many concepts from Blum’s new book that I find fascinating as a teacher-healer. These include:

Healing and spiritual concepts
Animal communications
Soul destiny
Magical journey
Lessons for life

This book is chockfull of wisdom. Think you’d be wise to read this book.

You can get it on Amazon here:

Here is a link for his first book, Waiting for Autumn:

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