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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help Children with Amputations in Haiti

There was a full chapter on "doing good deeds" in my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. Always pleased to to list volunteer opportunities or ways to do-good at this blog.

Recieved an email my good friend, Kim Grandal today about ways to help children with amuputations in Hati. This project makes me smile. Kim is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and the creative operator of Re-Creative Resources Site Online.

Here is what her email said:

Subject: Put a Little Love in Your Heart" for Haiti
NCCAP's very own Executive Director, Cindy Bradshaw, and her Executive Assistant, Kelly Bradshaw, will be flying to Haiti in July to help with the hundreds of children with amputations and other relief efforts. The trip will cost them each well over $1,000.00 for flight, ground transportation and supplies. Both ladies are volunteering through the Hands of Flight in Action organization .

NCCAP's Facebook Family would like to invite every Activity Professional and their facility to help join this cause! Through the month of May 2010, we would be delighted and would appreciate it very much if your facility would host a fundraiser to help with the cost of their trip/expenses. We are calling this fundraiser "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" for Haiti. As you know National Nursing Home Week is also in May and this is an excellent cause you could include during your fantastic week and what a better way for your resident's to feel part of something huge and for them to know that they helped to make a difference! You can submit your "Put A Little Love" event photos to us and we will post. And the facility that raises the most money and has it turned in by June 7th we receive an engraved award to display in their facility!!

Please also remember that they are also collecting flip flops of all sizes for the Haitians.

Once your fundraiser is complete
you may send a certified check or money order made out to Cindy Bradshaw
and in the "memo" line write "Haiti"

Cindy Bradshaw
c/o NCCAP 317
Office Square Lane Suite 202A
Virginia Beach, Va 23462

Any donations that are left after expenses will be given to the Hands of Flight in Action to be able to support their efforts for the Haitians.

If your facility doesn't want to support "Put A Little Love in Your Heart" for Haiti they may make a donation directly to them if they wish. The organization is also soliciting donations of any and all prosthetics to use for the parts to make new parts for the kids in Haiti If you would like more information on the Hands of Flight in Action please visit them at:;

On behalf of the NCCAP Facebook Family, and Cindy and Kelly Bradshaw, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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