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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do You Make This Mistake In Life?

Introduction to Danny Pettry's best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

ATTN: -- Do You Make This Mistake In Life? --

Learning all that you can is the secret to obtaining wisdom. You’ve got to have an open mind in order to learn. Be humble and realize that no one person knows it all. I’ve heard a wise saying: search for people who are seeking wisdom and run from those who claim to know it all.

A person who claims to know everything can’t learn anything new. She (or he) won’t open her mind to learn new things. As a result this person will prevent herself (or himself) from gaining any new wisdom. I’d argue that pride is a learning disability.

I’m humble. I realize that I don’t know everything. I’d be willing to learn from you. I’m certain that you know things that I don’t know. I’d be willing to take notes to learn from you, too.

My book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, is about becoming great. Several people told me that they don’t need a book on becoming great because they’re already great. I agree with part of that statement. Yes, they’re already great! However, the person who says that she (or he) doesn’t need a book on becoming great is making a mistake in life. A person with this type of overconfident attitude can’t learn anything new. This person feels that she (or he) already knows-it-all and as a result, can’t learn. Don’t make that mistake. Be humble and open to learning and growing. Give this book [Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom] that you’re holding in your hands a chance. Read the full book and share the hidden wisdom with other people.

Books can help you in your path of growth and development throughout life. The key concept of my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, is to encourage you to become great by being a lifelong reader. I want to you develop a passion for reading and learning.

Discover wisdom by reading. Books are filled with secrets, but you must be an avid reader to reveal all the knowledge that is buried in books. Learn all the wisdom that you can through reading both fiction and non-fiction.

In this book, I’ll review many books that I’ve read and reveal a few pearls of wisdom from many of my favorite books. Read some of the books that I suggest if you’ve not done so already. Discover everything that you can in life.

Here is a preview of what you’ll discover in this book:

  • Chapter 1: The first step that you must take

  • Chapter 2: The most powerful tool for self-development and personal growth

  • Chapter 3: The best way to gain wisdom on anything

  • Chapter 4: The way successful people have already became great

  • Chapter 5: The truth about teachers and why you need one

  • Chapter 6: How movies can be used for personal development and self-improvement

  • Chapter 7: How being happy can help you

  • Chapter 8: How to become successful during your leisure

  • Chapter 9: The best way to get a job or do anything

  • Chapter 10: Why do-gooders are more likely to become successful

  • Chapter 11: How a health and fitness program can help you to become successful and an easy/ free activity that you can do almost anywhere to get in-shape and stay-in-shape

  • Chapter 12: How to use your potential energy and start becoming great with motivation techniques

Enjoy your exciting experience with this book.

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