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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My favorite book is going to be a graphic novel!

Books. They have stories and wonderful information... but you'll never know about it unless you read them.

Who is your favorite author?

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors!
I love his best-selling novel, "The Alchemist."
Hope someone in Hollywood makes a movie for this book, too!

I'm also a big fan of graphic novels.
I'm currently reading the graphic novel version of "The Stand" by S. King.
It's awesome.

Coelho posted at his blog that The Alchemist will be a graphic novel this fall 2010!
That is so awesome!

Here are some amazon links. Click on the pictures to get more information about any of the books below.

Here is the link for the graphic novel version of Paulo Coelho' "The Alchemist."
Beleive this book can be pre-ordred from Amazon. I'll pre-order it if so once I've completed this blog entry.

Here is a link for the main book. Wow. It is still a best-seller. It was ranked 144 in best-selling books when I posted this link today:

Here is a link for King's The Stand. It is a book about good vs. evil:

Here are the first two graphic novels for King's book:

Happy reading.
Your friend,

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