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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book on Sexual Abuse

I provide therapeutic care for children at a treatment facility. All of these children have been abused in some form and have learned to act out the same types of abuse on others.

Today, I want to share an interesting book with you.

It's called:

Sexual Abuse Defined Bondage—It Is Time to Tell by Vera Milestone

Vera Milestone shares her harrowing experience as a sexually and emotionally abused child.

In this book, Sexual Abuse Defined: Bondage – It Is Time to Tell, Vera opens her heart to the masses, revealing the dark secrets and heavy burden she has long carried.

Her story, her thoughts and reflections, are detailed through several short narratives, poems, and images which tell of the anguish and grief her experiences has brought her, not only in her childhood, but all through her adult life as well.

Abuse leaves a mark, no matter how seemingly insignificant to others. It changes a person and shatters one’s innocence, leaving one broken and hopeless. Vera hopes that this does not happen to others. She speaks out to bring her message to others, not only to other victims, but also to all other bystanders who should do their part in keeping the people around them safe.

“I am a victim. Please respect me too.” –Vera Milestone

Check out the book on amazon. Here is the link:

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