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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Professionalism isn’t just on the job. It is something people must display all the time.

Anything you do during our own time can impact your professional lives.

This is true for all people and all professionals.

Here is an example in the recent news:

General Stanley McChrystal had an interview with Rolling Stones magazine. President Obama recently fired McChrystal for his comments made for the interview – article. I’ve not read the article and don’t know what he said.

I am concerned about the major point here:

What You do during our own, personal time can impact your professional life, too.

Tip: Be careful how you behave during your private life because your career could easily be thrown-away by a mistake.

Online social networking is popular. Nearly everyone I know has a facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, blogspot, or some online network.

An old saying said something like: don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t want posted on the front page of the paper. I’d image the same type of saying could apply today. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want blasted all over the internet. However, many people post a lot of personal information on their online social network pages.

Helpful hint for you: Don’t post anything on your facebook that would be inappropriate. This could include pictures of yourself drinking/ partying, confidential information about patients/ customers, your company’s copyrighted resources, or anything else that could cause harm to others.

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