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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good and Evil: The Darkslayer.

I don’t think anyone is completely evil. I have this strong faith that all people have some good in them and the potential do well. Of course, as a Recreational Therapist, a lot of my practice is based in my background of Humanistic Psychology.

Geek Alert: I’m a big fan of super heroes and graphic novels. I like batman, superman, the watchmen, the x-men, daredevil, spiderman, the fantastic four, and other like graphic novels and movies. I enjoy the Harry Potter series, too, but I’m not a fan of the Lord of the Rings. I do beleive Tolkienist fans will love The Darkslayer. I do like how these types of books often allow for good to beat out evil. Spiderman beats Dr. Octopus. Superman beats out Lex Luther. Batman beats the evil Joker. Daredevil takes out the evil Kingpin. Harry Potter is the chosen one, but I’m still waiting to see what he has been chosen to do. I’ve not read the full series, but I’m certain good beats out evil in the end.

Laugh aloud for the fun of it now.

I don’t hold onto these graphic novels after I read them.

I give them to my brother who collects them or exchange them for credit at my local bookstore.
I met the Graig Halloran at the 2010 West Virginia Book Fair in Charleston, W.Va. He is the author of The Darkslayer.

Here are some pictures:

Yes, I had my picture taken with The Darkslayer. The author Graig Halloran took the picture. I hope The Darkslayer becomes common as Potter, the Lord of the Rings, or something. Then I can say, yeah, I had my picture taken by the author back in 2010 when before it got popular. Laugh aloud.

More characters from the book.

If you like fantasy, adventure, and good winning over evil then you might want to check out this book.

Here is a Amazon link.

Click on it for more information:

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