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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do you have a library card?

Do you have a library card?

If not, you need to get one.

Reading is so important.

My favorite motivational speaker, the late Jim Rohn said, "the book you don't read won't help you."

Walt Disney said, "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island [all you have to do is read them.]

Abe Lincoln said something along the lines that a person who brings him a book that he has not read would be his friend.

I [Danny Pettry] beleive that wisdom is hidden in books (both fiction and non-fiction). However, you must read them to discover the secrets. I had written a self-improvement book called Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. It was on the importance of reading. Part of the profits went to First Book, which is a non-profit group that provides books to children in need.

I was at the W.Va. Book Festival!

Here is a picture of my sister, my mother and myself at the Book Festival. I had a booth to promote my first children’s book, “Building Character with Sam, Izzy, and Many Other Dogs.”

Kanawha (pronounced: /kəˈnɑː/) is a county in West Virginia. The county seat is Charleston, which is also the state capitol of West Virginia.

Kanawha County is one of the main sponsors for the West Virginia Book Festival. So naturally, the Kanawha County Public Library was there.

Here is a picture of the Kanawha County book mobile in the Charleston Town Center where the Book Festival was held. I thought having that indoors was wild.

Here are some more fun pictures from the W. Va. Book Fair:

The Kanawha county Public Library has Teen Services. Teens can stay informed on programs, contests, new books and more. You can click the “like” button for their facebook page.!/pages/Charleston-WV/Kanawha-County-Public-Library-Teen-Services/123854341003395

I [Danny Pettry] am a big fan of teen books. As many people already know, I didn’t read a full book until I was 18-years-old. I think catching up on reading is one reason I like teen books so much now.

I'm the author of a few books.
You can get more information about them at these amazon links below:

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