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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who else likes adventure?

“Cursed Pirate Girl” is our generation’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’!” according to Gail Potocki an award-winning symbolist painter.

Cursed Pirate Girl is a graphic novel by Jeremy Bastin.

Bastin is a very talented artist and story-teller.

I first discovered the book from a kickstarter campaign where Bastin was raising funds to publish the book. I received one of the first copies of it.

It’s about a Pirate Girl (of course) and she goes to sea to look for her father – one of the great pirates.

She has to find the right sea. She has a talking parrot friend named PepperJack (who I really liked). He’s kind of funny. PepperJack goes along with her.

Pirate girl discovers she can breathe underwater. Pepperjack gets inside of a giant fish and swims underwater because parrots can’t breathe underwater.
Deep underwater, she passes through a hot area and comes up in the other sea where the pirates rule.

She gets aboard a ship to snoop around to see if the captain might be her real father.

The book is # 1 in a series – so I’ll (we’ll) have to read the next one to find out more.

My review of this book is pretty poor. The book is a lot more interesting than what I can write about it.

The print is small. The lines in the pictures are delicate – like the ones on a dollar bill. They’re really small. And the writing is really small too. It strained my eyes. A magnifying glass would be good for reading this book.

My copy is a collector's edition. I don't collect books. I'm afraid of becoming a hoarder. Do you watch that show?

You can get my copy for just $15 (with free shipping). Plus, I'll send you a hard-cover copy of the Kick-Ass graphic Novel, too as a free gift.
Use the buy now link below if you'd like to get these two books from me for just $15:

The book is also on Here is the link:

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