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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bright Young Things (Book Review)

Book Review # 1 in 2011. Goal to read 100 books in 2011.
Book: Bright Young Things by Anne Godbersen

I love the roaring 20’s. I’m always fascinated with flappers, speakeasies, and Jazz. I find these elements hypnotic and interesting.

I discovered Anne Godbersen’s (2010) novel, “Bright Young Things” on the shelf at my local Waldenbooks bookstore (Beckley, West Virginia) sometime during the fall of 2010.
I read the back cover and knew I wanted to read it, but didn’t buy it right away (being pre-Christmas).

My lovely, darling sister Carrie gave me a $25 Amazon Gift Card for Christmas, which I used to download the e-version of this book on my kindle.

I’ve read 25% of Anne Godbersen’s (2010) novel, “Bright Young Things” at this time.
I felt it would be best to post about it at this point so I don’t give away any secrets or spoilers to the book.

Cordelia and her best friend Letty runaway from their hometown of Union, Ohio. The catch a train for New York City! Letty wants to become a star. Cordelia wants to find her father. Cordelia’s aunt had taken her in after her mother had passed away and had said that her father was a sinner.

Cordelia and Letty make it to New York. They find a place to stay for women. It has a housemother who has many rules. They go out for a night on the town and have a few drinks. They get kicked-out of their new place for drinking.

Cordelia and Letty get in a fight. Letty says Cordelia is pretty much crazy for believing she’ll find her father. And Cordelia tells Letty that she is crazy to think she could make it as a star because New York is filled with people trying to “make-it.”

They split up and go separate directions – but I feel they’ll meet up again in the story.
Cordelia makes it to a big party by Darian Grey. Cordelia thinks he may be her father. Grey is rich from being a bootlegger. He throws massive parties.

There is also a side story about a girl named Astrid who lives in a wealthy part of NYC. She has a steady boyfriend Charlie. She meets up with an old friend Luke and has dinner. Astrid is wealthy.

Astrid stands up for Cordelia at the party when Charlie asked “who let her in here?”
Cordelia and Letty had met Charlie when they went out on the town. Charlie
made fun of Letty.

I best not say much more. The story is just not getting really interesting.
Here is an Amazon link for the book:

Here is the video book trailer:

Here is the shooting for the cover:

Here is an Amazon link for the book:

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