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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Milk Carton Mikey (book review).

This book review is long overdue at my blog.

My good friend, D.C. Childs, “Chuck,” had written the novel, “Milk Carton Mikey.”

It was released in 2008.

Please note that I’ve added my own biased slant to this review because Chuck is also my cousin!

Chuck inspired me to write a book, too. I had written several spiral bound activity books in the past. But I decided I wanted to write what I’d call a “Real” book after Chuck had written his. Shortly thereafter, I had written my first self-improvement book for people: Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

But this review isn’t about my book.
It is about Chuck’s amazing book!

Here is my quick video book review that I had created a few weeks ago.

You can get this book on Amazon at the link below.

I hope you decide to get a copy or two today.

Buy one copy for yourself and one copy for a friend!

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