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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do You Wonder What HEAVEN is Like?

Dear friend,

What happens to the souls of people who die young?

What do children do in heaven?

How do those who have passed communicate with the living?

World-famous medium and T.V. celebrity James Van Praagh answers these important questions in his new book Growing Up in Heaven.

Full of astonishing true stories, this book eases the pain for those left behind, and shines a light on a world that very few of us know or understand.Revealing truths about life after death you may NEVER have heard before, Van Praagh brings to light the amazing journey of children who have passed from earth to heaven.

Growing Up in Heaven follows the path of a child’s soul—their time spent in heaven and their connection to the living.

Listen to this! Van Praagh writes:

“A soul never stops growing and evolving no matter what form of life it takes. Sometimes a soul needs to touch the earth only briefly in order to fulfill its lessons. When children pass into the world of Spirit, their souls go directly to a realm of magnificent light made of glorious buildings, parks, waterways, and picturesque environments. It is also a place of intense soul-work, learning, and play. When children wake up in their heavenly home, they feel an innate stirring of familiarity because, like all souls, they have died and been reborn many times.”

Widely considered as one of the most accurate and authentic mediums in the WORLD, Van Praagh has written three New York Times bestselling books and was a producer of the hit T.V. show The Ghost Whisperer.

And now, in his newest book, Van Praagh reveals the reality that LOVE transcends the physical and material planes of this world; loved ones are never really lost and children who pass from this world are very HAPPY in heaven!

Growing Up in Heaven will offer you the knowledge that your departed friends and family will always be with you—an extraordinary gift if you yearn to understand life on the other side.

Here is the YouYube Video About The Book:

Your friend,

P.S. Here is the link for the book again:

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