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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A fantasy romance - dystopian novella!

People who follow my blog on books probably already know that I love reading dystopian novels!

A Review of Kailin Gow’s newest book Desire

Some of my favorites include:

Kailin Gow’s newest book Desire is now in my list of favorite dystopian novels!

Here is my brief summary of the book:

It takes place in a future state where everyone’s life is planned out for them. Each person receives “Life Plan” at the age of 18. Many people receive one that they desire. The main character Kama desires to receive a plan that says she’ll marry her boyfriend (the son of the Governor) and become the future First Lady of the State.

The committee takes everything into consideration about a person before giving a Life Plan. The story takes the first twist when Kama receives a blank plan. It says she’ll graduate high school with honors and it doesn’t say anything else. Naturally, she feels upset.

Then the story takes a magical twist. She meets a guy who tells her some of the secrets of the state and some information about Kama’s ancestors.

The book indirectly touches on the question: Are we victims of fate in a pre-planned world or do we have freewill and self-determination to create our own lives.

I’m not going to tell anything else about the book. You’ll have to read it yourself to discover the magical secrets and what happens to Kama.

Here is my YouYube Book Review:

Here is the Official Trailer for the Book:

Praise for Desire:

Kirkus Reviews says DESIRE is a "fantasy romance" that will "entertain romance lovers." DESIRE is a story that takes place in the future, and asks the questions: What if our basic choices are taken away from us? What if Society determines our future for us?

The author, Kailin Gow, who has recently won the most awards in fiction in the 2nd Annual International Book Awards!

She has won awards in: winning awards in Horror Fiction, Romance Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Multi-Genre Fiction, and Women’s Literature.

Kailin is also a winner along with Bishop Desmond Tutu and Rick Warren in this global book competition featuring books from publishers large and small.

I’d like to invite you to read this book:

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