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Monday, September 26, 2011

Women’s Stories of Self-Discovery & Transformation

Whether you are a woman or someone who loves a woman I feel compelled to share a special book that has come across my path – a book that is destined to transform how women think about themselves, their stories and the life they envision for themselves.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could…
• release the limiting beliefs & self-doubt holding you back from living fully
• overcome the mistakes of your past and create a new life
• heal the wounds and grief weighing down your heart
• experience the power of living authentically
• birth the life(and business) that you desire and deserve
• live a life that embraces the truth of who you are

The answer is a heartfelt YES!

Throughout th pages of Embracing Your Authentic Self you’ll discover raw, revealing stories of empowerment and new beginnings from 26 extraordinary women, proving that each and every one of us – including YOU - has the power within and the potential to live authentically and joyfully.

Women from every walk of life, who have removed their false masks, stepped past the labels that once defined them, and reconnected with their personal power. Today, they’re standing tall, embracing their authenticity and stepping boldly onto the path of self-actualization.

“And you can too!”
What sets Embracing Your Authentic Self apart is not only the raw vulnerability and authenticity of each author’s story (from Saskia Röell‘s Seeing is Believing to Sharon Babineau’s “Message from an Angel”) but also the publisher’s vision to bring readers deeper into the story and into themselves.

Three thought provoking questions and journaling prompt page follow each story, helping the reader draw parallels between the lessons in the narrative and her own experience encouraging her to go deeper into her own innate wisdom. Embracing Your Authentic Self goes so much deeper than the passive reading experience of most team-authored books and brings you deep into the realms of self-discovery.
As Spiritual Psychologist Nicola Phoenix shares in the foreword of this
transformational book:

“… As we shed the illusions of who we thought we were, the roles we thought we had to play,

And our beliefs about our own self-worth, we see that the greatest connection and most rewarding relationship possible, emerges: our relationship with ourselves. … These stories prove that we can move beyond the limitations and habitual self-criticisms of the past in order to find ease, comfort, and true joy in the present….”

What others are saying:

“Living authentically takes courage, conviction, and self-love, and that is exactly what Embracing Your Authentic Self inspires readers to experience. It reaches into the hearts of readers and empowers them
to live a life that is lovingly detached from the opinions of others and aligned with their own deepest truth. I invite you to embrace this book and dare to be yourself.” – Laura V. Grace, author of Gifts of the Soul and The Intimate Soul

“In a world where far too many of us are wearing the "mask" of who or what we are "expected" to be, when we are gifted with the authentic truth there is no denying its presence. The stories gathered here from women who have traveled the path to burn away the mask and step into their true nature are inspiring, uplifting, motivational and filled with the power of their own deep SPIRIT shining through. Laugh, cry, and be open to what it means to be who you REALLY are!”
Amethyst Wyldfyre - Navigational Guide and Divine Destiny Mastery Mentor for Messengers

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