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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crazy Dream.

What do you do when you have a crazy dream?

Well, I blog about it.

I had a strange dream that was a version of the 80s movie weekend at Bernies.

For some reason it was called, “Weekend at Birdies” in my dream and it was about Senator Robert Byrd.

I remember the spelling was Birdies and not "Byrd" for some reason.

In the dream, The senator had passed away like in real life.
My grandmother knew Robert Byrd because they lived in the same area (in real life), so this may have influenced my dream.

In my dream the government was attempting to pass some type of big legislation. This dream goverment was made up of past Presidents: Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Bill Clinton. And Hillary was there too and a few other people, Senator Ted Kennedy, and LBJ, but not JFK. Robert Kennedy may have been in this crazy group. These were people just wearining masks that looked like presidents and politicians. And several of them were smoking around a big table with Byrd at the end of it talking. He didn't have a mask on. but I felt like it wasn't real either.

Part of the maks reminded me of that 90s movie where the surfers put on President masks and rob banks with Keanu Reeves and that other guy (from Ghost) who passed away. I can't remember the name of that movie.

My dream focused on some big type of goverment deal or legislation. It was something big and controversial like the budget or something. I’m not sure.

People didn’t think it was going to pass. People felt the need that it must pass. Some people were super mad about it. Why would I dream about such conflict? I think it had something to do with Bank of America adding a $5 a month fee to their debit cards too.

And there was a preview on T.V. that “Birdie” would save the day! (in my dream that is)

Then it switched to showing Robert Byrd on T.V. smiling and looking like a politician. Except he was doing the Nixon Victory signs.

Yet, I knew he had passed away (in real life) and knew he couldn’t possibly “save the day.”

And I feared that some people were going to go and try to make it look like he was still alive to get the legislation passed.
What a crazy dream.

I'll go and YouTube some of these people:

Byrd loved animals. Here he is talking about some people who were having caged dog fights. Byrd didn't talk taht way in my dream. He was more like a Nixon, but looked like Byrd.

Here are two commercials that kind of remind me of the t.v. ad I saw in my dream:


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