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Monday, November 21, 2011

What does your name mean?

I had the opportunity to read Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s (2010) book:

Know the Name Know The Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names.

I must say that this is a very interesting book.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth is an expert on Neimology. This is a of the placement of the letters in a name and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one's character.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth asks: What does your name say about you?

She’ll help you discover personality secrets in your own name. I think it is fun to decode the names of my family and friends too!

I do strongly believe that our names serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine have Jones for a last name. You’ve probably heard the saying, “keeping up with the Jones.” These are people who set the benchmark for high status. You’ve probably also heard the old saying, “your name is Mud.” This goes back to Dr. Samuel Mudd who had admitted to looking at John Wilkes Booth’s injured leg. Here is a history lesson that you probably already know: Booth shot Lincoln.

Names can also have several stereotypes: What stereotypes do you think of when you hear these names: Pocahontas, Jamel, Adolph, Juan, Gertrude, John.?
and second meanings.

Can you Jimmy that? (Fix it.)
Are you Joshing me? (Joking).
No way Jose (not going to happen).
You don’t know Jack. (You’re not smart) or worse, You’re a Jack… Well. Nevermind.

My brother and I would often tell my sister, “You carry it, your name is Carrie.”
Okay, back to decoding letters or our names.

I did a test sample of my first name according to read Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s book:

My actual name is Danny. A common misconception is that my real name is Daniel. I’ve got into arguments over it when people say, “Your name is Daniel. That is what is on your birth certificate.” I reply back that I know what name is on my birth certificate. (laugh aloud). How would they know if they’ve never seen it? And yes, it is “Danny.”


  • D (first constant) means I’m “delightful, divine, needs clutter for imagination.” I do have several junk drawers.

  • A (First vowel) means I “desire honesty, truth, justice, wisdom. I’m self-reliant and self-sacrificing. Hard-working.

  • NN (double constant in middle of my name) means that I could be a work-aholic and have a good memory.

  • Y (names that end in this letter) could mean having a desperate need to be liked and are easy to get along with.

You can do this on middle and last names too!

I think this book is awesome.

Check it out.
You could get it at this amazon link:

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