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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The decline in books.

Are books getting enough attention?

I often feel worried when I read about Americans being ranked low in education compared to other countries. I worry about the future of our nation.

Bookstores are closing. Children don’t seem to like learning and reading (for example: reading for leisure and enjoyment as well).

Of course we can argue that there is a change in technology. Books are going electronic. I have a kindle, which I love.

But there are many children who are at a disadvantage because their families don’t have access to things like a kindle or ipad for their children. Their money goes to necessities for living. These families don’t have the extra spending cash for things like books.

One of my personal goals is to donate at least 500 with an ultimate goal of 1,000 copies of my monster books to children in low income families who might not have access to age appropriate books.

Reading is a creative activity. It requires a vivid imagination. Many people are often inspired by books (both fiction and non-fiction) to go out and do creative things with their lives.

Well, check out the monster books at -- Monster Books. You can pledge to get copies of the book or select to have your book/ reward sent to a child in a low income family.

Here is the video/ link. Enjoy.

get the books at this link-a-do:

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