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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Framented Dreams. and books on dreams.

Dreams are like books and movies. They tell crazy stories. I'm not sure what they mean. I enjoy reading books on dreams.

I had several fragmented dreams that I thought I'd post about here.

There was an assisted living community that was also a place for the arts. There was tons of art pictures. I was dancing or ice-skating (in my socks) around the outside of this facility with a girl (who I attend college with in real life). We went inside to display our talent. The director of the assisted living facility/ art program didn’t like our moves. She said it wasn’t a form of art. I wanted to argue with her that it was a form of artistic expression. I think I did argue this because I think the director cired a little because she realized she wanted to be a dancer, but never made it in real life. She had to settle for being an art director. But my dream was so crazy. She had more jobs than one.

I also dreamed of going to a bowling alley/ bar with several of my cohorts (from college). I wasn’t happy being there because I just don’t like those types of scenes/ settings. I decided to leave early. One of the girls left with me. We realized that some guys were following her. This woman is engaged to be married. Her fiancĂ© was at work or somewhere else. She was nervous about these guys. I told her to run to my car and I’d deal with them. I was about to deal with them when I heard a gun shots. I thought there was a sniper who was trying to shoot the girl from my class. I was worried about her and thought they had shot my car.

Someone was murdered. However, it wasn’t the girl who I knew. She got away. The whole place was put on lockdown. There were police everyone. The girl who I knew had left, but I was there in waiting with several other people form the bar/ bowling alley waiting to be questioned regarding the murder.

We were all curious to know who the shooter was. I was scared because I knew it was probably one of the people from the bar who were held in containment.

We later realized that it wasn’t anyone from the bar. It turned out to be one of the ladies from the nursing home. She had fired a shot but didn’t know she did it because she had dementia. This woman also had a sister/ roommate. The younger sister was worried that because she assumed her older sister may have fired the shot.

I am excited about Oneironautics: a field guide to lucid dreaming.

I pledged support for the book project on a while back.

There was an update that the books would be shipped to backers (like me) soon.

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