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Friday, March 1, 2013

Seth Godin's Free Prize Inside!

  • Title: Free Prize Inside
  • Author: Seth Godin
  • Publication Date: (2004) paperback
  • Publisher: Portfolio
  • Genre: Business Marketing
  • Pages: 233

Tom Heck is one of my business mentors. I once asked him for tips and he suggested that I read everything by Seth Godin.

I’ve been reading Godin’s books for several years now.

Interesting facts I learned from the book:

Lesson, Godin argues that ads don’t work because they interrupt people. I read this just in time because I was about to spend $500 for a Self-Growth ad to send out an email about my game. I’m not sure if that ad would help me to even breakeven. People don’t want to be interrupted with things like emails. I’m afraid that email would have felt like spam, even if it was a good cause.

Godin argues to make the product better. Include a free incentive. I’m pleased to say that I have done this before. My book paperback book, “Building Character with Sam, Izzy, and Many Other Dogs,” includes access to download a free activity book that includes character building activity sheets and activities for group leaders.

Godin said, “You owe it to yourself to create something remarkable one day” (p. 39).

Some of my ideas:
  • Include free e-books or books for people who use my services
  • Include free posters and buttons for people who act fact.
  • Include extras to make things nicer.

Authors, artists, creators, business people, marketers, and I’d even say teachers and therapists could benefit from reading this book.

Here is the link for the book:

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